A constant movement towards innovation, an incessant longing for research and experimentation and the attraction for new languages blending together different disciplines, are the fundamentals of NEO MODENA. All these traits intend to create not merely a product, but a new way to looking at things


Three young guys, three friends in their early 25s, sharing an idea. bruno cavani, mattia goldoni and luca manfredi are the founding members of neo modena, a fashion brand that arises from a visceral, young burning desire to express their thoughts and let their voices be heard. bruno is the supervisor of the creative process, mattia and luca are responsible for production and promotion. quality is a prerogative that, not only characterizes the overall clothing brand, but also its distribution and presentation. this is where neo grows, out of the love for beauty, which is easily and naturally recognizable inside and outside the cloth. Here’s why bruno, mattia and luca expanded the brand perspective to explore new languages. fellowship often creates extraordinary things; for them it was enough to share a point of view at the same time.


“QUALITY NOT QUANTITY”. THIS IS THE GROUND RULE OF NEO MODENA, a complete break out from the logic of profit. the originality of neo philosophy becomes concrete in a completely unique garment, evading color and fabric variation and mass production. all pieces are designed and produced in italy with high quality and strictly regulated materials. neo team is continuously looking for inspiration: that’s why the creations embody more an ideal of experimental design rather than simply that of the off-the-shelf clothing, and that’s why collections comply with ideas and not with season.

There is no right time for a good idea, the desire of evolution and novelty is the driving force.